i had my fourth baby in march...

and there are several items I wish I had for my previous babies! I titled this "Newborn Essentials," but the reality is that I got through three newborns without most of these items, so maybe less essential and more just "Newborn Helpfuls." I am typically super minimal when it comes to baby stuff, so it should probably be said that these items aren't at all necessary for babies, but have made this time more enjoyable for me and easier to navigate the fourth trimester! I'd love to hear if you used any of these items for your newborn or if you plan to!

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Newborn essentials. Snake Plant. New baby must have.
  1. Lou Lou and Company: A friend graciously gifted us some items from Lou Lou and Company and I am obsessed with them all. The Newborn Bundle includes the softest knotted gown I have ever touched, an equally soft, and incredibly large, swaddle, the perfect size mittens, and a knotted hat to match. I loved using this set for our earliest newborn photos and plan to use them to document as our baby grows. They also sell baby bows and gorgeous dresses for mamas.
  2. Diaper Caddy: A diaper caddy with a handle in the middle to allow for one handed carries from one room to the next has been so helpful! I can easily carry everything I need for a diaper change and it has been a really enjoyable task for me to refill as diapers and wipes get used.
  3. Promptly Journal: I love baby books. I love filling out baby books as my children grow. I REALLY love pretty baby books and Promtly Journals are so beautiful. The book has space for documenting pregnancy through age 18. I only regret not purchasing it early in my pregnancy!
  4. Muslin Washcloths: I cannot say enough about how amazing these muslin cloths are. The size is perfect to fit in diaper bags and your diaper caddy. They are soft and absorbent for wiping milk from baby's face or neck.
  5. Ring Sling or Baby Wrap: With all of my babies, I have utilized baby carriers. For the earliest days, I prefer a ring sling or a long fabric wrap to keep them close. These options support the c-shape spine for newborns.
  6. Topponcino: I looked at this for all of my babies, but never made the purchase. Our Topponcino was gifted to us for our recent baby and it has been one of most used items. I love it for playtime on the floor, for big sibling snuggles, and under my changing pad for diaper changes on the floor. I snuggled with it prior to birth so it would smell like me for baby. If this is on your list, get it. If it isn't on your list, add it!
  7. Hello Bello Subscription: I used mostly cloth diapers with my first three babies. I decided to subscribe to Hello Bello for diaper delivery this time and I have loved it. I look forward to delivery day and the prints are delightful! I picked out prints I knew my two year old would enjoy so he would be excited about picking a diaper and helping with changes. Shipping is free and wipes are included. If you use disposables, I highly recommend this subscription!
  8. Snake Plant: I am absolutely including a plant on this list. I spent so much time in my bed for the first couple weeks. I put a snake plant on the nightstands on either side of my bed and having them to look at gave me a sense of peace and joy during that time. Snake plants are known to purify air, so breathe fresh air and enjoy a piece of nature while snuggling your new baby!
Newborn baby. Lou Lou and company knotted gown and bow. Baby girl. Fresh 48 newborn photography. Indoor lifestyle.
Newborn baby. Lou Lou and company knotted gown and bow. Baby girl. Fresh 48 newborn photography. Indoor lifestyle.